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With AxisNewTech Merchant Funding Providers

You Get The Benefit of Having 909 Lenders
Look At Your Loan Request With Never Many Inquires.
This Unique Service Guarantees You Get:
- The highest dollar amounts possible
- The lowest rates possible
- The terms you want -long or short- as possible 

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Approval Rates

 We currently hold a 98.7% Approval Rate
on all pre-approved funding requests.

Pre-approval requirements: 3 business account bank statements showing
at least $1,000 (some states require more) with at least 3 to 5
"true deposits" ...(not transferred),

U.S. citizenship government ID, SSN, 18 years of age, proof of ownership,
voided business check or bank account ownership letter. 

We Can Do Almost All Requests


East, Fast and Simple Process

 --  NEVER An Upfront Fee
(unless you request special accounting  service added programs)
--  We Fund ALL Industries -- No heartbreaks due to industry that
waste your time like with all the "others".   
-- Competent Pre-Underwriting
We won't waste your time like all the "others" due to poor
pre-approval techniques. Our seasoned Experts know what files
have  a good chance at getting funded, and what won't.

-- All we ask?
Please get us all the documentation requested.
We'll find you funding in most cases with proper documentation.

We Fund the Toughest Loan Requests:

-Low Volume Deposits ($1,000/Month is OK for some states and industries)
-High Volume Funding to $10,000,000 for all industries
-Just 2 1/2 months in business OK with 3 statements
-9 NSFs to $60,000
-27 NSFs in 90 days
-7 Neg days/month
-Only 3 deposit transactions OK if $15k+, 1 in some cases/states
-Seasonal businesses
-Under 400 FICOs- No Credit Check funding available
(we've funded a "383" before )
-Over leveraged...We fund to 9 positions in some cases
-Weekly and Monthly Payments avail to some
-Non-Financial Criminal Backgrounds funded in most cases.
-We correct "lender apparent" frauds that aren't---and get them funded.
-MCA Debt Consolidation Programs are available
-49 states served (except California), PR, Guam, and Canada
-We fund up to 3-4x monthly deposits in certain cases
-High charge back CC splits
-All Satisfied BKs are OK...
-Tax Liens OK with I.R.S. Agreement doc
-Business Building equity loans to $500 million
-Late Child Support OK with Spouse Waiver doc
(funding can help the child support get paid!...)
-and maybe the toughest of all:
If you have a previous business loan default,
it is now possible to be funded with AxisNewTech...ask You "Axis Rep" for details on requirements. 

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Notices regarding Merchant Funding

A Caring National Credit Counselor!
We shop your loan to 909 lenders without "running" your credit until you are pre-approved. We
do not make credit decisions, and do not charge any application fees. This website does not
constitute an offer or solicitation to lend. This website provides a service wherein we submit the
information you provide to our funding partners. Providing your information on this website does
not guarantee that you will be approved for a loan. The provider may perform a credit check or
otherwise verify the information you provide. All financial terms of the loan will be provided to
you by the funding partner. Advance terms, conditions, and policies vary. Cash transfer times may
vary between providers and may depend on your individual financial institution. Advance
repayment periods vary by business factors such as time in business, industry and business cash
flow. Upfront fees are never required.

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