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Tailored Communication & Entertainment Services

AxisNewTech Delivers Technology Based Products to Merchants and Consumers that might not otherwise have New Technology Options.

We work with you to figure out exactly what services your Home or Business needs to run more efficiently. 

Once that is established, our Friendly Professional Business Advisors can work with you to Identify Potential Savings, Get You The Services You Want and Need ~ We Help To Increase Your Business Profits too! 

~ Small Or Large ~ AxisNewTech Has Solutions for You, Your Home and Your Business. Contact Us today and Start Saving!

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Merchant Credit Card Processing

AxisNewTech IS a Leader in Merchant Processing Solutions. We Provide Merchants with Wholesale Pricing and can even Virtually ELIMINATE your Credit Card Processing Fees!  Our Point Of Sales (POS) Experts offer Cutting Edge Solutions from Small POS Systems to The Most Advanced. AxisNewTech is the Only Solution Needed - Let us do a No Cost, Side By Side Analysis for you today and See How Much You Are Losing by Not Being an AxisNewTech Merchant Today!

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AxisNewTech Consumer Finance Programs - All Types of Businesses - Start Ups OK.

Close that Deal With Consumer Finance Options

Give customers a reason to do business with you. You Can Now Provide Your Customers With Finance Options that Are Great For Them And Great for You as The Merchant or Providers of Products and Services. Click Finance My Customers for More Info today. All Transactions 100% Electronic Based - No More Paper Apps - Fast, Easy and Simple Set-Up with AxisNewTech Consumer Finance Programs.


What Are The Requirements to Participate?

  • No time in business requirements (startups ok).
  • No annual revenue requirement.
  • No payment default risk.
  • Simply enroll in the program and start offering financing to your customers.

We even provide you with your own branded financing page!

Finance My Customers

Business Loans / Merchant Funding up to $10 Million

98% of Business Owners Are Approved with Proper documentation. It is Easy, Fast and Simple to Get Funded! Even some of the Hardest Cases Are Successfully Funded in 24-48 Hrs after Submitting All Required Docs. Learn More Now! 

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